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WSL Series

Solvent-less Laminating Machine

Laminating Machine

Solvent-less Laminating Machine

Product Description

A Call for Excellent! Worldly Develops Solvent-less & Solvent-base Laminating Machine Combi Type for diverse packaging needs. One time processing can accomplish three-layer lamination! Solvent-less & Solvent-base Laminating Machine Combi Type WDSL series and Solvent-less Laminating Machine Type WSL series are the leading popular machines for solvent-free. Both machines have higher compound speed in order to increase productivity. And, there is no wasted costs caused by the solvent evaporation. Also, the coating thickness is very thin with 100% solid ingredient which can reduce a lot of cost. The production won’t produce solvent evaporation and there is no solvent residue. It all conforms to food safety regulations. Meanwhile, there’s no need for drying chamber which can save energy. The Solvent-less & Solvent-base Laminating Machine Combi Type can be ordered from solvent-base lamination, solvent-less lamination, or solvent-base & solvent-less lamination which can accomplish three-layer lamination depends on the customer’s need, and the machine itself can be shorten to save space for additional use which can make a significantly cost reduction.

Shaft-less un/rewinding unit

5 roll coating system


Model WSL
Maximum Machine Speed 310 m/min
Laminating Speed 300 m/min
Laminating Width 1000 mm / 1200 mm / 1300 mm
Material Diameter Ø600 mm / Ø800 mm / Ø1000 mm


PET, CPP, PVC,OPP, PP, PE, Nylon, Aluminum Foil, Paper.