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WDWL Series

Dry / Wet Laminating Machine

Laminating Machine

Product Description

New model of Laminating Machine.

Worldly multi-function and high efficient dry & wet laminating machine can apply to working on various materials. Especially the design of two-in-one function has outstanding performance; moreover it can economize your investment cost. Worldly multi-function laminating machine will increase your production and create infinite advantages for future benefit.

Low wastage

Focus on compact designed principle, in order to save the web path to minimize the wastage. Thus accomplish easy operation and space saving. With minimum waste loss, achieve maximum operation efficiency.

Drying tunnel guiding roller is motor driven and is synchronized with the line speed

Coating unit smoothing roller for uniform glue coating over the entire surface

Three roller press design on lamination unit provides rigid and uniform pressure for the highest quality laminations

Foil unwinder


Model WDWL
Maximum Machine Speed 200 m/min
Laminating speed 180 m/min
Laminating Width 800 mm / 1000 mm / 1300 mm
Maximum Material Diameter Ø600 mm / Ø800 mm / Ø1000 mm


PET, CPP, PVC, OPP, PP, PE, Nylon, Aluminum Foil, Paper.